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Trees and Baubles Wrapping Paper


Pack of 5 sheets 500x700mm

100% post-consumer recycled paper, printed in Melbourne with vegetable based inks.

This double sided wrapping paper features designs in salmon and deep navy. It’s a little break from the traditional red and green, but also deliciously complimentary to it.

I don’t know what kind of magic it is, but a pine tree in the lounge room is my kind of magic. When I was a child, my dad would cut a branch off one of the pine trees in our paddocks, and drag it home to the house. We’d stick it in a bucket of wet sand and lean it against the wall. We’d then spend the next hours turning it this way at that propping it up, deciding which bit should be chopped off, and while my sisters and I decorated, we’d be discussing its legitimacy as a Christmas tree, and how this year’s wonky branch measured up to previous years wonky branches. Interestingly, Dad tended not to hang around to listen to our critiques. I’ll admit I have spent a few of my adult years trying to achieve the level of “Perfect Christmas Tree” but I’m certain now its not the shape, the density, the straight trunked-ness, the real or the fake that makes the magic, and in a recent development, I’m preferring the wonky and slightly sparse characters I grew up with.

This is enough paper to wrap about 10 medium size gifts.

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