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We thought it was time to clear up some frequently asked questions we receive on our Decorating Packages.


Hands down THE MOST frequent misconception is the belief that we simply suggest furniture, rugs, art and lighting without actually also SOURCING and SUPPLYING every item we suggest.


Answer : NO, we do so much more ...... we arrange the purchase and delivery of all your pieces and install them for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the end result.


We have a fabulous and diverse national pool of Interiors industry wholesalers and suppliers where we purchase our beautiful stock and all the individually curated pieces we select for you, in our Decorating Package.


We also use a small handful of stand out industry upholsters and furniture makers to create bespoke interiors that reflect individual design concepts that will be unique to you.


Each concept we design when you purchase one of our $490 Interior Decorating Packages  ( redeemable upon purchases of $ 5000 in first order * excluding window furnishings

we will provide detailed dimensions, price and delivery costs, along with :

Site visit and measure up


☑️ Up to 3 rooms, with an add 1x extra room for $150 / or 2 rooms for an additional fee of $250


☑️ Furniture and homewares selections


☑️ Fabric samples provided​ if desired (custom made furniture and/or window furnishings)


☑️ Customised Power Point - sent to you, presenting all room selections and concepts, with up to 2 revisions


☑️ Showroom meeting with you to present your Power Point and discuss your preferences and formulate a purchase plan and timeline


☑️ Shopping trip to our Melbourne based wholesalers when required, to see, touch and feel pieces we are suggesting


☑️ Complimentary styling of your pieces when delivered

Q : Can we buy our own furniture etc based on Riveresque's suggestions in our PowerPoint?


A : While we do not generally encourage our clients to purchase from another interior's business (we are of course in the business of selling furniture oursleves) we understand this will happen from time to time however, we do provide this service with the intention that purchases come through Riveresque.



Q : How long does the process of the $490 Package take ?


A : The entire project is generally completed in 3-4 weeks (depending on current workload and your readiness to select pieces) , with delivery of pieces sometimes taking a little longer if not in stock or they are being custom made.


The project is completed and closed when all pieces have been supplied.

Help with additional room concepts can be added for $150 per. room during the project.


Typically, our $490 Interior Decorating Package entails approx. 25 - 30 hours of dedicated time with one of our Decorators. We think this represents great value for a bespoke service.


☑️Site Visit = approx. 2 hours

☑️Sourcing , per room = up to 4 hours

☑️Power Point compilation = approx. 7 - 10 working days to complete

☑️Showroom Meeting = 1 hour

☑️Shopping (if required) = up to half day

☑️Styling (if wanted) = 2 hours


Q : Do I need to use the $490 Package straight away?

A : The package must be commenced within 6 months of purchase.



Q : What happens if I don't like the pieces suggested in the Power Point?

A : We would not be doing our job correctly if we were unable to find pieces you loved however, to inform and guide us in the process, we do ask you to provide us with inspiration images you have from places like Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz , magazines etc


Of course we also gather information on your likes and dislikes when we meet you.


The selection process then begins.


Your Power Point will present you with 3-4 choices per piece (eg, 3 sofas for the lounge, 3 coffee tables , 3 pieces of art etc )


The Power Point is emailed to you, so you can go through it at your leisure, whereafter , we schedule a Showroom Meeting , to refine, edit and revise the Power Point to reflect your short listed pieces, ready for you to make your purchase selections from.


Q : Can I see pieces before I buy them ? 

A : This is an important and valid question.

the short answer is : most of the time - yes !


However, it is important to point out that we source from nationwide wholesalers and as such, not all showrooms are based in Melbourne.

We personally warrant our interstate suppliers as having quality pieces, many of which we will have seen at our annual industryTrade Events. 


Buying nationally means you are not locked into stock that we have in our showroom, which is the case with some competitor's similar packages.

There are times when we source from interstate suppliers, meaning your purchase would be made on our recommendation as we cannot take you to that showroom.

We can however, in all instances, give you high quality images of the pieces and can sometimes even arrange a FaceTime call with the supplier to allow you to "view" the piece that way.


With the strong trend to internet based shopping , we have found that clients are not concerned to make purchases this way and we do of course promise to address any faults or damage in the unlikely event that there was a concern.


If we are making a custom sofa for you, we have ways of allowing you to try the "feel" of the sofa before manufacture begins and depending on the particular upholsterer we are using for your piece, we can often show you the exact sofa first, albeit in a different fabric. 


With any of our Melbourne based wholesalers we can take you on a shopping trip to their showroom to feel, touch and see pieces but as mentioned, with interstate wholesalers we rely on images and ask you to trust in or recommendation and endorsement.


We hope this helps you decide if our $490 Decorating Package is the right one for you and hope to speak to you soon to book you in for your exciting 2024 home project appointment.