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Deco and Dots Wrapping Paper


Pack of 5 sheets 500x700mm

100% post-consumer recycled paper, printed in Melbourne with vegetable based inks.

Double sided festivity is yours in this mint and soft red wrapping paper.

The formality and precision in this “little bit Deco, little bit Nouveau” design is about as structured as I’m every going to get at Christmas and that’s why its essential that the reverse side is a little bit random, and definitely a bit dotty. It’s like the mullet of wrapping paper – business at the front and party on the back, even if the party is a quiet one that you are more than welcome to fall asleep at (my kind of party). Or perhaps it represents the start of Christmas lunch where everyone arrives dressed and pressed and full of Christmas spirit, then you flip the page and its the end of the day when everyone just needs a little lie down and ok, maybe just one more slice of pav, because it won’t be any good the next day. Whatever your metaphor, it’s jolly lovely paper and that’s a promise.

This is enough paper to wrap about 10 medium size gifts.

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