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Alba Coffee Table – Medium


The natural pebble shape of the Alba table sets it apart from others. The legs are fine and subtle to compliment the organic table shape. Consider combining the large and medium table in contrasting marble colours to add flexibility to your setting.

Overall dimensions (cm): 37H X 84W X 67D

Frame material: Metal

Top material: Black Marble

Assembly required: Yes

Weight (kg): 50

Other product considerations: As marble is a natural product, the veining pattern and intensity differs per type of marble and is unique for each item. Whether the stone is very mottled and veined or has very few veins is therefore beyond our control. While the marble should of course never be cracked or broken, our products may show small imperfections, such as marks and blemishes, that naturally developed during the formation of the marble stone.

Product care: Marble is a porous stone and therefore easily absorbs liquids. The extent to which liquids can permeate the stone differs per type and colour of the marble. For that reason it is important to protect the marble against grease and dirt, which is why a protective sealant should be applied before use. Since the coat of sealant will wear away over time, we recommend repeating this treatment as needed. Please note that marble should not be exposed to hot objects or acidic liquids. Use coasters and wipe up spills immediately.

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